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Benefits of the sale on Afrissime

Our offer is constantly evolving but some things will never change: Registration on our platform is free and will remain so forever.



When you sell online on Afrissime, your products are easier to find and easier to buy. Opening your shop on Afrissime, allows you as a salesman to reach millions of buyers around the world whether you have an item for sale or millions.



Selling on Afrissime allows you to grow your business. Afrissime helps you manage the tedious tasks associated with your business. Take advantage of other services specifically designed to help you ship orders, store products, manage ads, and more.



By selling on Afrissime, you benefit from services offered by Afrissime like photo shooting of your products with or without mannequins, a realization of video advertising, training sessions and capacity building, advertising and prospecting.

sans engagement

Without engagement

As a seller on Afrissime, you can rest assured that you can close your shop at any time.



Afrissime takes care of shipping your products to the customer wherever he is in the world.

Outils performants

High-performance tools

As a salesman, you will discover that Afrifime offers unique tools and features that can help you grow your business. They are free and can be used to flexibly manage your business. In particular, you benefit from order reports and information relating to your orders.

Just sell in a few steps.

Access millions of customers and put Afrissime's online sales expertise and search and payment technologies to the service of your business. Selling on Afrissime is a simple process in 5 steps.

Before you register

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1. Decide what you want to sell

More than 15 categories are open to all sellers.


2. Register and start listing products

Create your account on Afrissime, and access the web interface on which you can manage your seller account.

Once registered

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1. List

You can add products to the Afrissime Marketplace product catalog as much as you like.

Vendre sur Afrissime

2. Sell

You have different options to manage your orders, depending on the number of orders you receive:

  • • Order Management Tool:
    view a list of your orders and details about a selected order.
  • • Order reports:
    receive information about processing multiple orders by running a single report.

3. Expedition

Afrissime alerts you when a customer places an order. Therefore you have 48 hours to process (packaging and labeling) and ship the product.


4. Cashing

Afrissime frankly transfers payments to your bank account (or any other means of payment chosen) and informs you that the payment has been made. Afribusiness payments in many currencies and countries in the currency of your country, to simplify the payment process.

With Afrissime, selling in the world is both simple and easy

Understanding VAT codes and product regulations, creating effective product listings, and providing localized customer service can be complex when you grow your business across borders. Leverage our logistics, powerful tools and after-sales service to enjoy our ever-growing customer base.

un seul compte vendeur

One seller account for the whole world

With just one account, you'll reach customers in 200 countries around the world, and you'll be able to manage all your offers and inventory from your sales interface.

Grow your sales with new opportunities

With more than 15 categories of products available, you will be able to sell many products on Afrissime.

Taxes et paiements

Manage taxes and payments

If you sell products in an EU country, you will probably need to apply for a Value Added Tax (VAT) number. VAT is a European tax on consumer spending. Afrissime accepts payments in many currencies and pays you in the currency of your country, to simplify the payment process.

Questions answers

What is Afrissime?

Afrissime comes from the combination of Africa and Assime (market in Mina language). Afrissime is an online shop selling any product made by African continent or diaspora.

What products can I sell on Afrissime?

You can sell any type of product provided that the product meets the following criteria:

  • -Have been done by an African
  • -Being a quality product

What types of products can not I sell on Afrissime?

You can not sell illegal products that are illegally manufactured or that are prohibited by Afrissime policies. This includes prescription drugs, illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition, prohibited goods for sale by international trade, etc.

What information must I provide to register as a seller on Afrissime?

All information to be provided is filled in the form of shop creation available here.

How to put my products on sale on Afrissime?

You can use our web interface or a tool for downloading offers. The procedure and information required vary depending on your products.

How much does it cost to sell on Afrissime?

Selling on Afrissime is free. We only take 15% commission on each sale made.

How to manage orders?

You have two options for managing your orders. You can use the web interface. You can download the daily order report, tabular file that provides a summary of orders received and includes customer information and shipments for you to process these orders.

How do I get paid?

Afrissime transfers the balance due to you to your bank account (or any other chosen payment channel) 7 days after receipt of the product by the customer. Return charges, customer complaints and refunds affect your balance.

Do you offer protection against fraud?

Yes. Afrissime Payment Fraud Protection helps you eliminate fraudulent orders placed on your products.

What is the Afrissime guarantee?

The Afrissime Guarantee Program is designed to handle situations in which a customer has never received a product or received a product that is substantially different from that ordered or expected. We ask customers to start by contacting the seller in case of problems. If the seller is not able to solve the problem, the customer can exercise a warranty claim. Upon receipt of the claim, Afrissime sends the seller an automatic message detailing the claim and requesting information about the order and the processing process. Afrissime then determines the settlement of the warranty claim, which may include a refund of the order to the customer, at the expense of the seller.

Can customers leave ratings?

Yes, customers can leave comments. A high percentage of positive reviews is a critical success factor on Afrissime. This is the best way for buyers to know if you are worthy of their trust. Your percentage of positive reviews is displayed on the offers page and is one of the first visible information. Customers are more likely to buy products from vendors with a high percentage of positive reviews. Your percentage of positive reviews is one of the key statistics used on Afrissime to evaluate your performance.

Can I offer gift services (packaging and messages) to my clients on Afrissime?

Yes. Our gift messaging service allows customers to attach messages to individual items or to complete orders. Our gift wrapping service allows customers to select a gift wrap for each item of their order. As a seller, you can put one or both of these services at the disposal of the buyers of your products.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Sell on Afrissime program?

Our sales team will be happy to detail with you the benefits of the program. Fill out the Contact Us form.

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