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How to sell on Afrissime?

The sale on Afrissime is done in 3 steps::

Let's create your shop

 Your personal information

1. Fill in your personal information

This information will serve to create at the same time a personal space on Afrissime.


2. Information about the shop

Provide more information for your shop to allow buyers to find out more about your delivery terms and payment options

  Check the terms of sale

3. Check the terms of sale

After reading the terms of sale you must click to give your agreement.

Managment of your products

  My account

1. Sign in to Afrissime

You must log in to your personal space before you can manage your shop. Once logged in, click on the "Product" menu to access the list of your products

  List of your products

2. Managment of your products

You can manage your products (add, edit information) from this page.

Let’s know your shop

Ma boutique

Share the link of your shop on your social networks

Make your store known to your contacts and the community of Afrissime, you will gain visibility.